FMP Preproduction, Scripts, storyboards and Risk assessments with contingency plan

Story boards

So for my project i wanted to do my storyboard well before i started so i have time to adapt to my story if need be. I printed off a 6 screen storyboard to sum up scenes, as my project is only going to be around 1 minute 30 seconds long, I printed off around 10 pages, and had spare for if its needed.

Scraped storyboards:

These are some storyboards of the ending that I decided that it didn’t quite fit in with the story so re did them.

Story Board notes

  • Flyer at the end
  • Nursery/spare room at the start

These are some Storyboards that I have changed and altered…

I’ve decided to change this one scene to a different section. So have the walking scene earlier on, to have more scenes out the nursery and with the protagonists together.


I don’t have much experience in script writing so i decided to just follow the story board and write the script long side it. I used a website that helped write it, and during the time of my storyboards, i hadn’t come up with a name, but i decided to go with Sandcastles, to keep it simple. The link above, helped me doing some research on creating a script for animations and they are very different than a normal film script.

Mock Up

So using the storyboard i decided to make a short film showing what i should look like using the music and voicing over when the script lines come in.


Risk assessment

So as i’m working between home and college on my iPad. Id thought theres no point doing a risk assessment, so my colleague at work suggested a screen display assessment. I thought reading thought this before i start my project to see how to stay safe while working. This one here is a checklist, i wont be checking it be be aware of what can keep me healthy while working at computers all day.

Things i plan to do:

  • Making sure my keyboard is a good distance to me to the screen.
  • The mouse isn’t too far away.
  • Keeping your environment clean.
  • Big fonts to stop your eyes from straining.
  • Being eye level, adjusting your chair.
  • Comfortable chair and seating.
  • Correct brightness of screens on computer and iPad.
  • Nice air flow, keeping doors and windows open.
  • Keeping noise down.

Contingency plan

So I need a plan for if my project fails and or something goes wrong. So this is my plan:

To create a short thriller film centred around the day in the life of a young girl but from the point of view of a stalkers camera. And the burning issue relating this story to our topic would be stalking. I came up with this idea, while walking to work and thought it would be a good idea to make as a small project for myself. And the reason I picked this idea as my contingency plan instead of an animation is simply time. An animation takes a lot of time and if something was to go wrong I simply can’t just do another animation as I wouldn’t have the time. And the issue may be my animation software so I need to come up with an idea that won’t involve any issues that may rise in my project.

How I would film it:

It starts with a young girl waking up from bed, getting ready for work in the morning, ringing her friends preparing breakfast before heading off in her car and heading to work. She would park up walk to work and then finish the day by walking back to her and back to home.

However the twist is that all the camera angles are filmed from the POV of a stalker and are strange and would have strange audio attached. in terms of audio I want to use the original audio so it’s like your actually watching footage from a stalker. The occasional thriller music cutting between scenes. I like the idea of hearing the stalker breathing behind the camera. But you don’t hear it at first it’s only towards the end when it becomes obvious she’s being watched.

  • Some shots I had planned are high angled shots to imply a hidden camera.
  • A shot from behind, following the girl from behind
  • A scene where the camera follows the girl to walk but never enters the building
  • The Camera is under her car
  • The camera is above the rear view mirror of the car and she suddenly looks into the camera then a surprise happens and it cuts to black.

Research options: Blogs, Interviews, Short thriller films. Peoples to people with experiences.

Equipment: DSLR or if one can’t be acquired a phone camera.

Team: Actor as myself or a willing family member, class as possible help with filling.

Things that could go wrong

My work deletes itself: the program I’m using doesn’t have a definite back up system, so let’s say my app got deleted all my work would be gone.

Solution: The app I plan to use Procreate does back up to iCloud so it’s possible to have my work back through there so it’s not impossible to get my work back

Here’s some links and videos for if something like that did happen I have a back up plan. I do have Files on my iPad so if I was to back it up to there my work would be protected. And obviously if I just save my work as I go to camera roll I will have it saved as it also transfer me to my phone when I save to camera roll. . Another helpful link. I also checked my iPad and I do have back up turned on for Procreate on my iCloud so it would definitely be backed up.

My Apple Pencil breaks: With my Apple Pencil being white it easily blends in to things like the white desks at college, my duvet at home if I’m working on my bed, so could easily be snapped if I misplaced it

Solution: My solution honestly would just be to buy another, they are expensive but I enjoy digital art and I would need another one anyway so,

This is the link to the website to buy another one, the one I use is a Generation One Apple Pencil as I have an older iPad, so luckily is a cheaper. But I will keep it mind to always have the resources and funds to buy another one.

iPad Breaks: This is a tricky one as all my work would be on my iPad so it’s important for it to be working. It’s quite old so something could go wrong. Hacked or simply smashed to the point of no return.

Solution: So if something was to go wrong I would head straight to my local repairs shop and see what the issue is and depending on what that is get it fixed or if need be get a new iPad. Obviously this may take time as I don’t have time to spare when it comes to this project, so at that point I would go to my contingency plan and work from there.

I injury myself: I know this may seem silly but I’m an event that I was to break my right arm and need a cast. I would not be able to draw. This is a situation that is very unlikely to happen but you never know and I think it’s important to think of all possibilities that could arise.

Solution: In this situation given that I’m not in A and E and or hospital, I would go to contingency plan and have some people help me create a short film, giving a can’t do everything myself. I think my class would be happy to help, along with family and teachers so I would have no problem getting that help.

Sensitive Topic: I’ve had this issue before this my documentary project, the topic got too sensitive for me and I had to change my topic, because I got too worried, anxious or sad. It’s possible for family members to also go through miscarriage and it also be too sensitive for me and got to far home.

Solution: Yet again, I would fall back to my back up plan. I have my back up plan pretty much fully developed in my head so all I would have to do is develop my ideas on page and adapt them a

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